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The Bailiwick School EcoChallenge 2021

Winners of ‘The 2021 Bailiwick School Eco Challenge’ Announced!


Students from La Mare de Carteret, Castel and St Mary & St Michael Primary Schools have been confirmed as winners of the Bailiwick School Eco Challenge 2021 run by Guernsey Electricity and Guernsey Post.

The competition, which is in its second-year challenges students to think of innovative ideas to improve their schools' sustainability.  

The challenge launched in April and received nearly 70 entries from across the Island. Students were asked to submit drawings of their designs and an explanation of how they would be implemented.  

Ellena Loveridge, age 6 of St Mary & St Michael Primary School came out top in the age 6 to 8 category with her idea of recycling the schools old wooden play equipment using a wood shredder to create natural wood chip ground covering to help the environment.  

The judges met with the shortlisted entries for the age 9 to 12 category but couldn't choose between the final two and announced them both winners. Marla Naftel's entry for La Mare de Carteret Primary school was a clever plan to replace the school's bottled water fountains and by designing a special water filter system to utilise rainwater for drinking.  

Castel Primary School's entry from brother and sister duo, Isabella and Tomos Powis included a detailed presentation and video to create a fully sustainable fruit and veg patch the whole school could get involved in. This included everything from composting fruit peelings from lunch boxes to collecting rainwater for the plants, to selling the organic produce at local farmers markets and investing the profits back into the garden.  

Imogen Berryman, Guernsey Electricity said

"The Eco challenge is proving to be a popular annual initiative for Bailiwick students. We're pleased to hear that many schools included the challenge within lessons this year. It's great to see students as young as 6 thinking about what they can do as individuals".  

Bethan Griffiths, Marketing Assistant at Guernsey Post said

"We had some really fantastic concepts on our shortlist this year and it was really tough to narrow it down. We are really pleased with how many entries we had, and the winners should be proud of themselves. We hope the prize money can go some way to help the schools implement some of the initiatives."


What's it all about?

The EcoChallenge is open to all schools within the Bailiwick of Guernsey.
Working in teams of two, three or four pupils, your Challenge is to consider one major project or a few smaller ways you could improve your schools environmental sustainability.

 The Bailiwick School Eco-Challenge 2021

The competition is now closed. 

The Teams

There are two team categories: 6-8 years and 9-12 years

Category 6-8 years:

Your challenge is to put forward a practical (physical way) or more creative idea to improve your schools environmental sustainability. Your entry should include a drawing of your idea, an explanation of how it works and how it will improve your schools environmental sustainability.

Categories 9-12:

Your challenge is to create a plan of action as to how you can put your idea into practice. The idea can be practical or completely conceptual. Draw or model your design including supporting information to explain how it works and how it will improve your schools environmental sustainability.


There will be one winning team in each age category (no runners up) and each winning team will win £1,000 cash prize for their school to go towards implementing any eco-friendly initiatives.

EcoChallenge entries will be shortlisted and the judging panel will visit the shortlisted teams in age categories 9-12 for the teams to present their ideas.  Shortlisted teams in age category 6-8 will be notified but will not be required to present their ideas.