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Guernsey Post gets tough on Underpaid Postage

On Monday 5th September 2011, Guernsey Post will be introducing a new process that will make sure all underpaid postage is paid for.

Guernsey Post has noticed that an increasing number of underpaid items are finding their way into the postal network.

George Jennings, Director of Operations at Guernsey Post said:
"We have seen a significant increase in underpaid postage. Everyday we receive items with no postage at all and we don't believe that customers who pay the right amount should have to subsidise this.
The processes we are using to collect the underpaid postage are straightforward. However, I would encourage everyone wishing to send items out of the island to include a return address so that, if the item has been underpaid, we can get in contact with the sender."

Guernsey Post will be using a number of processes to clamp down on local, UK and international underpaid post.
For example, if an item has been sent locally and is underpaid, it will be held at Guernsey Post's Forms Left Counter at Envoy House and a card will be sent to the intended recipient of the post for notification.
The intended recipient then has 90 days to decide whether they wish to collect and pay a charge on the item. If the item hasn't been collected it may be destroyed.

The standard charge on an item is double the required underpaid postage plus a £1 fee to cover administration costs.

Underpaid mail addressed internationally will be returned to the sender with notification of the additional postage required to resend the item. No additional fees will be charged.
Guernsey Post would like to highlight that, in order for the sender to be notified, a return address must be supplied.

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