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Postal Operation Update - 7 January 2009

Guernsey Post will be out on delivery today delivering yesterday's mail. We are providing as normal a delivery as is possible given that icy conditions still remain in some parts of the island.

While many of the island's roads are clear, there may be some areas of the upper/south western parishes that are icy and although we will do everything we can to provide a normal delivery service, some households may not receive mail due to icy conditions in their vicinity.

Today's mail is yet to arrive in the island due to ice on the runway at Guernsey Airport. If this does arrive in the island later today, it is expected to be processed for delivery tomorrow.

Courier, parcel and express deliveries are taking place as normal.

Smith St and Envoy House Post Office branches are open as usual, as is the BATIF office at the Tourist Information Office at North Esplanade.

Customers can access their private boxes at Smith St and Envoy House as normal and the parcel collection office is open as usual.