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Hire an EVie van by the hour!

Guernsey Post and EVie, have collaborated to launch a shared electric van service that you can hire by the hour. The EVie branded vans can be used for anything from moving house to taking your rubbish to the Longue Hougue recycling centre. Simply download the new EVie Shared Mobility app from the android or apple store now.

Charges are £15 per hour and once you have made a booking through the app you can collect your van from the designated parking spaces on the Millbrook slip road, just off La Vrangue (next to Envoy House). There is now also a van in a designated parking space at Cour Du Parc. 

Envoy House Station open hours:

Monday - Thursday 5am - 11pm

Friday 7am - 7pm

Saturday - Sunday 8am - 7pm

Vans owned by Guernsey Post have been fitted with technology supplied by Evie to make it possible for anyone with an Evie account to hire an electric van by the hour. Boley Smillie, CEO of Guernsey Post said, “We are really pleased to support Evie with their vision of a more sustainable transport system for Guernsey and this is a low-risk commercial opportunity for us to make the most of our investment in our electric fleet.”

All booking reservations need to be made using the new Evie Shared Mobility app.

For more information please see EVie's website EVie | Shared mobility  If you need any support for account, billing or van issues please contact EVie’s support team on 01534 510462 or email [email protected]