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Our Commitment to Sustainability

As one of the largest employers in Guernsey we take our environmental responsibility seriously and we are working hard to minimise our impact on the environment in a number of ways. We are committed to creating a culture of continuous environmental improvement, and ensuring the environment is considered in the many decisions we take. We are working closely with Guernsey's ESI Monitor team to transition towards an accredited sustainability kitemark.

In May 2022 we installed cutting edge solar mats on three new trucks, and two old ones. On average each truck will travel over 700 miles per month and will move large volumes of mail to and from the airport as well as some large volumes from customers to our HQ.

The ultra-thin solar panels are fitted onto the roof space of existing or new vehicles and the panels are connected to the vehicle battery. Solar power is generated and then used to power various on-board activities including the vehicles tail lift.  Historically we had to leave the diesel engines running whilst the tail lifts were in use, and this could be up to 70 times per day.

Although it is early days, we have already seen a reduction in diesel fuel and carbon emissions across all our trucks. On average this is 80 litres of diesel and 200kg carbon emissions per truck.

We are currently trialling HVO fuel in one of the trucks and will assess its price and performance versus the diesel. 

Steps undertaken

Energy Reduction

Energy Reduction

In 2015 we reduced the power consumption in our headquarters by switching to an LED lighting system which has generated an annual saving of 167,000 kilowatts of energy.
Our switch to a smarter heating and cooling system in November of 2019 generated an annual  reduction in energy consumption of around 20%.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We are committed to using our logistics network to help increase opportunities for customers to recycle items and have teamed up with Nespresso to offer recycling points for their coffee capsules. To find out more about the Nespresso Recycling Scheme, please click here.