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Online Returns: Amazon

Amazon Returns

If you need to return items to the retailer Amazon follow the steps below to send your return:

  • Firstly, repack and reseal the items you wish to return, ensuring that you have removed any old address labels from the original Amazon packaging.
  • Next, you can either go through the app or their website¬† Low Prices in Electronics, Books, Sports Equipment & more¬†
  • Go to your account, and your orders through there you will be able to start your return
  • You will then get a QR code sent to you that we can scan at the counter
  • Take to any of our branches

Online Retail Returns

Select your retailer from the list below to find out how you can easily process your returns. To find out more information on how to return your items to retailers, simply select the relevent retailer from the list below and this will take you through the steps of your return. If there is a retailer you'd like adding to the site let us know here.

Please note: our directory of online retailers is always being updated. If you have questions about returning items to a retailer not listed here, please phone Customer Services on 711720, Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5.00pm.